Cloud Care

Cloudcare is a new generation of Antimalware sponsored by AVG, security partner.

Some features such as content filtering, anti-Spam and Archiving could only be utilized for customers with their own domain(example of domain : comsystek, ...etc., we offer domain et related privacy).  Anti-Spam, Archiving, and Backup can only be offered on a monthly term.

Reality Check:

Nowadays, with evolving cybercrime, effective and effecient security have several layers to block attackers, and have traceability of all vulnerability and threats.  


Enterprise Solution  : Need Private domain


  •  $375mo.,

  • Personal protection
  • Antimalware Cloudcare with NO Endpoint Forensic Report
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CLDFLEX CloudCare Flex

  •  $475mo.,

  • Antivirus with Cyberthreat Protection
  • Anti Spam
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CLDPRM CloudCare Prime

  •  $699mo.,

  • Antivirus
  • Anti Spam
  • Content Filtering
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CLDMAX CloudCare Max

  •  $1899mo., $16788Yr.

  • Antivirus, Anti Spam
  • Small backup
  • Content Filtering
  • Email archive
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