Phishing Campaign Monitoring

Employees are the target of all kinds of attacks within the organization and need special attention all the time, to keep the confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability of the organization's Information System. Training Awareness should be continuously in practice: We name it Phishing Campaign

Reality Check:

Nowadays, with evolving cybercrime, effective and efficient security has several layers to block attackers, and have traceability of all vulnerabilities and threats. Phishing Campaigns raise awareness to employees either weekly, monthly: a kind of employee preparedness. 


Enterprise Solution: Need Private domain



  • Personal protection
  • Domain Protection
  • The domain of Activities & Services
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  • Cyberthreat Protection
  • Anti Spam
  • The domain of activities & Services
  • Domain Protection
  • Alerts
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CPRY Prime - Yearly 

  •  Yearly Package for each month

  • PII Protection
  • Anti Spam
  • Content Filtering
  • All domains of activities & Services
  • Monthly Controls
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