Cybersecurity Consulting

Cyber security refers to the technologies, processes and mechanisms designed to protect systems, networks and data from attacks, damage and unauthorised access. Don’t leave your IT networks open to cyber-attack. Identify, fix and prevent future vulnerabilities with the Infrastructure (Network) Penetration Test. We help you Prevent-Detect-Respond(PDR)
  1-  Policy Creation and Review
  2-  Risk Management for the context of your business
  3- Categorization of vulnerability and threat exposures for your business
  4- Compliance Checklist 
  5- Data Loss Prevention (DLP) strategy and solution...etc. 
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Business Security Essential
  • Security Matrix

  • Option1:Creation/Review of Policy
  • Option2: Business Drivers
  • Critical Security Controls of Business
  • Option3: Compliance checklist
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Security Risk Management
  • Risk Management
  • Option1: Risk Assessment (Identify Asset & Valuation)
  • Option2: Risk Analysis(Qualitative & Quantitative)
  • Option3: Mitigation & Monitoring
    Mitigation Strategy & Continuous Monitoring
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Big Data Security
  • Data Loss Prevention(DLP)
  • Option1: Identify data
  • Discovery data storage
  • Data Mining
  • Option2: Monitoring (on /off corporate network)
  • Option3: Protecting (from leaking/theft)
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Pen -Test
  • Find weakness in system network
  • Option1: Employee Phishing Vulnerability Assessment
  • Option2: Infrastructure (Network) Pen Test
  • Option3: Web Application Pen test
  • Option4: Wireless Network Pen test
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