IT Managed Services

Protection, effective Management of Enterprise Resources and security  are essentials to foster your real growth; ComSystek department of Consulting has customized scalable, reliable and secure solutions to help your organization to save cost for high quality internet service, cloud deployment and enterprise resource planning. Multi-tenant management is well suited for managed service providers with the ability to offer a variety of management models to customers.

Our Managed Services has:


SD-WAN (Software Defined Wide Area Networked) is a next Generation WAN service that Improve WAN performance . . . While Cutting MPLS(Multiprotocol Label Switching ) Costs (low cost internet, quality fiber VOIP, high speed,..clear all internet bugs...etc.).  VeloCloud SD-WAN  improve application quality of service over the WAN using link load balancing, error correction, and path selection.  Optional cloud-based management simplifies product deployment because customers don’t have to install and maintain management servers. You will have full management & visibility of your WAN at the touch of your fingertips. We will measure & monitor the health of your links, adapt and react to any issues, remediate, do forward error correction and steer the traffic as needed. 

VeloCloud shows a good ability to integrate with other products, such as cloud service insertion from zScaler and Websense, branch insertion with Citrix Netscaler, and Virtual Edge running Cisco’s ISR.

B- Cloud Infrastructure & deployment

The cloud is a technology that brings more security, scalability, reliability, and cost-saving for the deployment of hardware and software. We manage your technology infrastructure by saving you cost for SaaS, DRaaS, licensing software, cloud hosting

C- SAP solutions

SAP (Systems, Applications, and Products for data processing), or ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is an important strategy of your management of resources planning.  

Integrate people, data and business processes within and between organizations.

Collaboration, non-redundancy, consistency and internal process optimization.

 Reality Check

SD-WAN  provides an enterprise-grade network for the cost of a simple Internet connection such as DSL, Fiber or Cable.  If you have branch/remote offices that you need to bring up quickly, require more BW(bandwidth), or have applications such as voice/video that are BW hungry.  We offer a Service, there is no hardware to buy, Zero Cap-Ex for you. It’s a simple yet powerful solution. Just like a Cable modem, it’s plug-and-play, your branch/remote office could deploy in less than 30 minutes.

Feature Rich technology Including:

  • Built-in Stateful and application-aware L7 Firewall
  • VPN access for the branch to branch, or branch to data center
  • Cloud platform – manage all locations from one pane of glass
  • QoS – We have a very powerful deep packet inspection engine at the edge and recognize over 3,000 applications
  • Intelligent Multi-Path Optimization (WAN monitoring, Application Steering and Link Remediation)
  • Flexible and Customizable to fit your WAN needs
  • Virtual Services Delivery Platform

Value Proposition:

  • Zero-Touch configuration and deployment
  • 60-85% WAN Cost Reduction
  • 30-90x Increase in Bandwidth per dollar spent
  • 10x Faster Deployment
  • Low to no IT management needed
  • More Reliable than a single vendor MPLS Network
  • Voice & Video grade network performance  enhancement and prioritization
  • NO CAP-EX needed


Cloud Services