Evolving Technology needs Smarter Training

At ComSysTek, we strive to offer progressive learning environment to support IT students and professionals, as well as  employees, willing to make a difference in workplace or in their career. You will attend our comprehensive E-learning through our support system Smartsystek, in the comfort of your office, home and elsewhere, interacting with specialist in IT and other technologies.

Smartsystek aoffered a large range of elearning courses that cover many aspects of IT security, adaptative course in direct alignment with enterprise application such firewall configuration, Cyber security Best Practices(CBP), Operating System (OS), Data Analysis, and much more at a much lower cost than traditional classroom learning.Visit now

We offer:

  • Free Counseling
  • Individual Training
    • IT Quality Training Improvement (Network, VPN, Routers, Firewall...etc)
    • Cybersecurity Analyst
    • Cybersecurity Presales Specialist
    • Linux Administrators (Operations, security...etc) 
  • Corporate training
    • Cybersecurity Training Awareness (Version:English American, British, French European and Canadian)
    • Quality training Improvement,
    • Linux Administrators
  • Seasonal Bootcamp



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Bilingual (English & french) Cyber Security training Awareness will showcase attack vector and defense strategies-A certification will be awarded at completion.


  • $1800/seat/hr.

  • Minimum seats: 5-20
    Min hours: 8-Self Pace
  • Cybersecurity General Concept of your Company
  • Strategic Attack vector
  • Video Simulation of attacks/Evaluation
  • Introductory Training Awareness on Phishing & Electronic Email Check (EEC)
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  • $2200/seat/hr.

  • Minimum seats: 5-20
    Min hours: 15-Self Pace
  • General Simulation/ Evaluation /EEC
  • General Review of Threats and Vulnerabilities
  • Attack vector/
  • Security Training Awareness: Phishing-Social Engineering-Scam-DDoS-Spam.
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  • $2800/seat/hr.

  • Minimum seats: 5-20 /Min hours: 20 - Self Pace
  • General Evaluation /Simulation of attack vector/EEC
  • Visibility of threats & Vulnerabilities / Evaluation/Testing
  • Training Awareness: Phishing-Social Engineering-DDoS-Spam..
  • Case of security of Credit card and financial institutions
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Quality Training – Linux Administration (Hands on, virtualization, real case scenario...etc.)
After Registration: Account manager will send your syllabus, Lab Program for hands on, and Credential for virtual environment within one of our server. certificate awarded at completion.


(Entry Level)
  • - Introduction of OS-Linux
    - Commands
    - Functionality of OS
    - Network
    - Lab
    - setup VPN
    - Setup Server
    - Setup router
    - setup firewal

  • Pricing

  • -Registration: $200
    -Payment1(after 5days): $1000
    -Payment2: (after 15days): $1000
    -Payment3: (after 30days): $500
    -Total: $2700
    If you make a full payment one time your total is $2500
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  • - Scripting level1
    - Commands
    - Functionality
    - Priorities - security
    - Managing Network with Linux
    - Optimizing Linux (Recompile Linux Kernel)
    - Lab - setup VPN
    - Setup Server
    - Setup router
    - setup firewall-Capstone Project
  • Pricing

  • -Registration: $200
    -Payment1(after 5days): $1200
    -Payment2: (after 15days): $1200
    -Payment3: (after 30days): $1200
    -Total: $3800
    If you make a full payment one time your total is $3500
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  •  - Advanced Scripting
    - Commands
    - Functionality
    -Priorities - Security
    - Managing, optimize Network
    - Setup Linux-server-router
    - Virtual environment-Managing Infrastructure (with puppet)
    - Lab
    - setup VPN- Firewall-VMware-Capstone Project
  • Pricing

  • -Registration: $500
    -Payment1(after 5days): $1300
    -Payment2: (after 15days): $1300
    -Payment3: (after 30days): $1300
    -Total: $4400
    If you make a full payment one time your total is $4000
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