Traditional antivirus

We want you to keep your security and your antivirus.  Be advised about the following Reality Check.

Reality Check:

Traditional Antivirus:  user should manage push of updates unless new viruses could infiltrate the system; another limitations are lack of evolving threat management, smarter cyberthreat tracking tool...etc. whereas

New Generation of Antivirus works within the large spectrum of threat landscape, and the update integrates Threat intelligence that can track all new malware, and even have new protection features such as firewall, heuristic...etc.
Choose from list of renowned antivirus

TAVWDG: Watchdog

  • $3299Ye.

  • Watchdog Anti-Malware
  • For 1 computer
  • 3computers ($39.99)
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TAVKPY: Kasperky

  • $3399Ye.

  • Kasperky Internet Security /For 1 computer
  • Kaspersky Antivirus 3comp ($49.95)
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TAVNRT: Norton

  • $3399Ye.

  • Norton internet security
  • For 1computer
  • 4computers ($59.95)
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  • $3099Ye.

  • Avast Pro  internet Security
  • For 1 computer
  • 3computers ($37.99)
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